I’m excited to present this episode to my hoopers, and to the world; a conversation with the Portland Trailblazers’ Performance Coach, Ben Kenyon. You hear NBA players being interviewed all the time… but what about the trainers behind the scenes? That’s right. Expect an unbeatable career story, followed by major keys to improve your game. If you’re wondering why your team is in a slump, Ben has the right words for you. Take notes, take action, and say what’s up to Mr. Kenyon himself through his social media accounts.

Episode 168 Time Stamps:

(1:20) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast, Ben!
(2:42) The journey to the Trailblazers
(8:35) Ben’s role with the pro's
(13:10) It's important to “Be the best for the TEAM, and not for everyone else”
(16:00) The right leadership truly runs the team.
(17:53) Terry Stotts’ leadership, as he leads the team
(19:22) “Sweat equity” | Experience is everything!
(23:06) To the hoopers listening: WORK, and LOVE | A hooper’s “audit”
(25:02) Maximizing your game: Focus on your ONE specific STRENGTH.
(27:25) BOOK: Peter Drucker’s, “Managing One’s Self”
(28:34) Spending time with your strengths, and weaknesses
(33:58) CJ McCollum’s “dog-like mentality”
(37:16) The role models and mentors in Ben’s life
(42:12) Get familiar with Ben's movement! The YOUnique Piece!
(48:07) Final thoughts…
(48:48) Ben is reachable on all social media platforms. Check the links below to connect!

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