Whether you’re trying to make the winning free throws in a game, or figuring out how to plan the perfect day for your spouse, performing under pressure is key to success in any situation.  In today’s episode, I take you through 9 practical steps in order to perform better while under pressure.  These steps are clutch and will take your focus and game time performance to the next level.

Episode 167 Time Stamps:

(2:00) My story growing up
(3:41) My experiences with Holidays and Birthdays
(10:45) What are you avoiding due to discomfort?
(13:40) Under Pressure, Pt. 1: You have to decide to face the pressure and master it.
(14:42) Under Pressure, Pt. 2: Examine and understand the pressure.
(15:50) Under Pressure, Pt. 3: Understand, then minimize your fear of pressure.
(17:00) Under Pressure, Pt. 4: Create a plan for perfection.
(18:09) Under Pressure, Pt. 5: Make that plan part of your identity.
(18:55) Under Pressure, Pt. 6: You have to go through the fire.
(19:30) Under Pressure, Pt. 7: Accept non-perfection.
(20:51) Under Pressure, Pt. 8: Use the feedback that you get to systematically raise your standard.
(21:33) Under Pressure, Pt. 9: Keep at it!  Keep Improving!