Discipline is a fundamental concept that embodied different meanings to different people in society. Some believe it is a myth while other's believe it is the greatest trait one can have. In today’s episode, I break down what I believe discipline is (and means), based on my experiences and through what I have read. Take notes as I teach you the 5 parts of establishing and sustaining discipline in your life, as well as creating and perpetuating your habits.


Episode 165 Time Stamps:

(1:54) The initial natural growing process
(3:42) Discipline's perception in society
(3:50) “The One Thing” By Gary Keller
(5:44) “The Art of Living” by Bob Proctor
(5:49) Bob Proctor's Definition of Discipline
(7:40) Step 1: Decide to be more disciplined
(10:07) Step 2: Create a Vision
(13:17) Step 3: Create Habits to Support your Vision
(14:25) READ BOOKS!
(15:06) Step 4: Focus on that One Major Habit
(15:48) Step 5: Track Everything
(19:40) It Comes Down to Your Identity