You’ve done a lot so you deserve to be exhausted, right? Even your friends gas you up on your hard work, so you decide to yourself a break… Be CAREFUL guys. Remember the ultimate prize that you seek; and remember that you got the juice to wake up every day to put in your best efforts to advance yourself. Reward yourself for your small wins, then continue to keep pushing. Become a machine. AVOID THE BURNOUT! Go get that trophy. Aight?

Episode 164 Time Stamps:

(1:20) Peep the GYMR PODCAST (link)
(2:50) Thank you guys for today’s episode!
(5:48) “Burnout” is applicable to EVERYONE
(7:09) I’m still figuring out the secrets to many things, but here’s a major key.
(9:04) Be really for some realities about “burnout”
(9:21) It isn’t the end of the world.
(11:13) Do you have solid plans?
(12:30) Are you tracking/celebrating your wins?
(17:18) Do you know the purpose to what you’re doing?
(20:20) Schedule your day intentionally.
(24:07) This is why I think you’re burned-out… (and don’t be offended.)
(26:34) People will gas you up.
(31:20) You have a choice when you feel this way.
(33:52) Ask yourself THESE questions to conclude today’s episode.