The last episode to our KEYS TO BEING FEARLESS mini-series, focuses on how to separate yourself from everyone else. Some people in your life will slowly drift away, while others must be removed from your environment. We must be self-reliant, so let me show you how. After listening, play this mini-series again from the top!

Episode 163 Time Stamps:

(1:32) A brief recap…
(3:45) Today’s topic can be viewed as a reality check
(3:55) The masses, are afraid of change | The “inconsistency avoidance bias”
(5:40) If what you will do is significant, expect haters and people who don’t understand.
(6:35) Ralph Waldo Emerson’s, “Essays on Self-Reliance”
(8:02) Reality: Some of your friends/family will fall off.
(8:23) Deal with it, Pt. 1: Gain clarity with yourself
(9:09) Deal with it, Pt. 2: All in, no money out.
(9:21) Deal with it, Pt. 3: Find a power circle.
(9:48) Deal with it, Pt. 4: Ignore the opinions that don’t matter.
(10:52) Deal with it, Pt. 5: Listen and value the opinions of leaders.
(11:18) Deal with it, Pt. 6: Learn how to comfort yourself.
(11:57) The power of self-reliance
(14:29) Did you take the time to put in the necessary work?
(15:36) FEAR OUTRO (featuring Will Smith)