In Part 2 of the KEYS TO BEING FEARLESS series, we live by RULE. Learn how to set rules and mandates for yourself, so when times get tough, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. I’ll guide you through it fam, on top of that, I’ll read you my own rules. Live FEARLESS!

Episode 161 Time Stamps:

(1:33) Don’t be driven by fear.
(3:46) James Allen's concept: You Must Live By Rule
(4:15) BOOK: James Allen’s, “Mastery of Destiny” (The Training of the Will)
(6:32) A story about “Coco” and “Tito”
(9:28) In every department of your life, RELIGIOUSLY adhere to your rules.
(11:06) In tough situations, my RULES guide the way.
(12:38) Your mandates.
(13:14) Make sure it’s personal.
(14:00) Word them in the form of COMMANDS.
(14:25) Rate yourself on how you aligned with your rules (On a scale of your choice)
(14:36) How would it look like to live in alignment with your rules?
(15:42) My personal RULES and MANDATES.
(23:00) Create your rules, and email me them!