Do you procrastinate? Do distractions disrupt your focus easily? Tune in for tips of ways of approaching things, with powerful habits on how to get the most out of your day. Time is limited… use it wisely.

Episode 159 Time Stamps:

(2:21) Review your goals 1ST thing in the morning.
(3:55) Religiously execute your morning mastery.
(5:50) Identify your outcomes for each day.
(6:24) Work/train in blocks of time.
(7:24) Don’t be enslaved to your cellphone.
(9:14) Have blocks of time for being distracted. | Cal Newport’s, “Deep Work”
(10:14) Primetime often.
(11:32) Eliminate sweets, coffees, etc.
(12:39) Have unconditional love for yourself.
(15:13) Prioritize maximizing time. | Seneca’s, “The Shortness of Life”
(16:21) READ: Dan Kennedy’s “No B.S. Time Management”
(17:00) READ: Jack Canfield’s, “The Power of Focus”
(17:30) READ: Cal Newport’s “Deep Work”
(17:54) READ: Michael Johnson’s, “Slaying the Dragon”