Before you press play, be advised that today’s episode is marked explicit for a reason. Some lessons are too important to not be delivered properly… and in moments like these, I stand strongly behind my language. Introducing, the “Don’t give a f**k mentality.” Understand that this is the most impressive reality check to date, and you should feel some type of way about it. I am your wake-up call… and don’t hit the damn snooze!!

Episode 158 Time Stamps:
(1:20) Introduction: This episode is explicit
(4:18) The don’t give a f**k mentality
(5:18) I’m thankful for my childhood, and all the obstacles that stood in my way
(6:20) Shoutout to Frederick Douglass
(8:25) Shoutout to my POPS
(10:53) No f**ks given, Pt. 1: You have to find someone who doesn’t give a f**k
(14:02) No f**ks given, Pt. 2: Confront your fears
(15:53) No f**ks given, Pt. 3: Take risks
(18:57) Fortune favors the BOLD.
(19:12) No f**ks given, Pt. 4: Create a mindset that makes you immune to failure.
(22:38) Habits never die, but they are replaceable.
(25:13) No f**ks given, Pt. 5: Move before you’re ready.
(27:30) Plato’s “The Republic”
(28:32) No f**ks given, Pt. 6: Organize your life.
(33:53) No f**ks given, Pt. 7: Connect to [your] God each day.
(36:20) The opposite of this mindset… softie, coward, sucks, simp, weakling…
(38:50) If this episode was offensive, don’t say I didn’t warn y’all!
(40:23) If you believe me, go “DO IT!” *Shia LeBouf voice*