Are your goals exciting? Do you have a plan set-up? Are your emotions aligned with your desires? There’s plenty involved in crushing your goals. Allow today’s episode to be your wake up call, only to spur you into immediate action.

Episode 157 Time Stamps:

(1:20) If you haven’t already, listen to January’s year-domination episode for 2017.
(3:13) This episode is dedicated for those who have struggled to accomplish specific results.
(4:04) Reason #1: Your goals are not exciting/emotional enough
(5:44) Reason #2: Do you have a strategy set in stone?
(6:35) Reason #3: You probably don’t have a written-out plan | Urban Meyer's, “Above The Line”
(8:14) Reason #4: Your plans aren’t specific/detailed enough to a micro-level
(9:05) Reason #5: Lack of accountability
(10:05) Reason #6: Lack of proper evaluation
(11:38) Reason #7: Worry clouds your vision
(13:35) Reason #8: Success isn’t how you think it looks
(15:58) Reason #9: You’re not willing to give anything up
(17:40) Play this episode again. Evaluate.