Today’s episode focuses on the TRUST from within YOURSELF. There’s too much noise in our environments that allow us to become easily influenced by the opinions and advice of others. Take notes as we go through these eight steps, and start the action as soon as this episode ends. Sit still. Listen to yourself. Tune out, to tune in.

Episode 156 Time Stamps:

(1:47) Do you remember your New Years Resolution?
(3:50) Understanding the root of the problem: ask yourself, “Why”? | BOOK: “Salt, Sugar, Fat” by Michael Moss
(5:40) When we were younger, we were “over-managed”.
(7:04) We may have a “warped” idea of failure.
(7:52) Our brains are wired to keep us safe | BOOK: “Poor Charlie’s Almanac” by Charlie Munger
(8:36) A media-portrayed lie about how people became “successful”
(9:06) We hang around other people who don’t trust themselves.
(9:47) You and I are very much alike.
(11:16) Practical ways to approach this problem
(11:33) #1: Define your VISION.
(12:45) #2: Create small goals as experiments.
(14:44) #3: Get a list of the best biographies of successors. Read them.
(16:00) #4: Taking inventory of your WINS.
(17:25) #5: Hanging around people who encourage effort and see progress.
(20:08) #6: Meditate. | iTunes Apps: HEADSPACE or CALM
(21:51) #7: Study your own successes. Become a student of yourself.
(22:23) #8: Look at your challenges as EXPERIMENTS.
(23:57) Change what you associate pain and pleasure to | BOOK: “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins
(25:30) You have wisdom INSIDE of you. Sit still. Tune in to yourself.