Today, we welcome Nell Gibbon Daly to the Sports Motivation Podcast! A licensed psychotherapist, writer, and keynote speaker (among many other talents), Nell brings us welcoming advice that athletes may initially oversee. Tune in as we discuss male and female energies, the importance of meditation, examining your pain points, and much more. Thank you Nell! With much more to talk about, we’ll have to schedule a part two with you soon!

Episode 155 Time Stamps:

(1:20) Nell’s introduction
(2:43) Special shoutout from Nell for the Sports Motivation Podcast!
(4:53) A couple tips from Nell, about waking up in the morning feeling juiced
(7:44) Masculine and feminine energy
(13:08) The most POWERFUL people all meditate
(15:34) Important facts and misconceptions about masculine energy
(18:53) Self-intimacy, and why it must be a main focus within your personal life
(23:54) Transformation is a b*tch.
(29:04) Examining your symptoms of pain, for necessary growth.
(33:23) Meditation can be difficult sometimes!
(37:17) Entering the “calm state” | Diet is key!
(42:25) Society doesn’t accept women to express anger
(45:10) As a parent, we must regulate emotions
(46:10) Quit talking. Get doing.

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