Sometimes people can’t handle seeing you succeed. They may try to dull your shine with negative remarks that can potentially throw you off your game. The question is… how do you handle these doubters, haters, and naysayers? Today’s episode is a specific condition of the mindset. Conquer this, and you’re unstoppable. You ready??

154: How to handle the doubters, haters and naysayers

Episode 154 Time Stamps:

(1:20) Stop deluding yourself. APPLY Yourself.

(5:51) Have you dealt with these people?

(7:30) BOOK: Hendrie Weisinger’s, “Performing Under Pressure”

(8:30) I only care to a certain degree (about others opinions)

(10:17) BOOK: Gary Keller & Jay Papasan’s, “The One Thing”

(11:00) Your MINDSET determines your approach

(11:36) My mindset, Pt. 1: Nobody cares too much about what you’re doing

(12:20) My mindset, Pt. 2: They actually don’t know what they’re doing

(13:35) My mindset, Pt. 3: There’s always a message in the hate/doubt, and it’s my job to find this out.

(15:25) My mindset, Pt. 4: I decide what it means.

(16:02) My mindset, Pt. 5: If I doubt myself, that’s usually when I’m most influenced

(17:00) My mindset, Pt. 6: Most people don’t think big.

(19:48) Mistakes to avoid, Pt. 1: Don’t try to force someone into believing your dreams and goals more than you.

(21:41) Mistakes to avoid, Pt. 2: Avoid self-pity

(22:09) Mistakes to avoid, Pt. 3: Don’t allow hate/doubt to influence your desires or goals

(23:20) Things that you MUST do, Pt. 1: Thank God for the objections.

(24:04) Things that you MUST do, Pt. 2: Review your master plans, desires, and goals.

(25:36) Things that you MUST do, Pt. 2.5: Look for “holes” in your plans.

(26:17) Things that you MUST do, Pt. 3: Find people who can help strengthen your vision.

(27:47) Things that you MUST do, Pt. 4: Get your plans VERIFIED.

(28:31) Things that you MUST do, Pt. 5: Check yourself. Are you a hater?

(29:08) Things that you MUST do, Pt. 6: Keep grinding.


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