It’s the fourth quarter, and your team is down by a single play. You’re sitting on the bench thinking, “Why won’t coach put me in?!” Today’s episode is a breakdown of seven reasons why your coach is the way he/she is… This is a reality check, and you might be offended. Listen up!

153: Why your coach doesn’t trust you (or like you)

Episode 153 Time Stamps:

(3:13) Based on my experience; as a coach and a player…

(4:52) #1: You’re soft.

(6:03) #2: You’re a “know-it-all”. | Robert Greene’s, “48 Laws of Power”

(7:30) #3: You can’t be counted on, on game-day.

(8:17) #4: You’re not as good as you think you are. | Roland Lazenby’s, “Michael Jordan: The Life”

(10:53) #5: You can’t take criticism.

(11:45) #6: You’re a kiss ass.

(12:25) #7: You don’t trust yourself.

(13:50) Be honest with yourself.


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