This is NOT your general advice on goal-setting… In today’s episode, expect to learn from my own personal goals, to get YOUR results. How much longer do you want to carry the feeling of postponing your biggest desires? My goal for you, is to have CLARITY in your goal-setting process. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to email me. Let’s crush goals together.

Episode 152 Time Stamps:

(3:16) Modifying your mindset towards GOALS

(3:41) The goal, is the “feeling”

(5:15) Don’t get caught up in the “S.M.A.R.T.” formula

(7:36) What I do: I focus on what I WANT.

(9:00) Understand the “big picture”

(9:09) Working “backwards” on your goals. BIG PICTURE, down to the “next step”

(10:08) Always beginning with the end in mind.

(12:12) Goal. Purpose. Strategy.

(18:17) Common mistakes.

(22:30) Make sure you know the process, to get the end result.

(24:51) Don’t over-evaluate yourself

(25:48) You must map-out your entire process

(26:24) My goal for you: CLARITY


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