As we conclude our Mental Conditioning Series, let’s talk about the cost of being mentally weak. The truth is, most of y’all will not follow through… Why? Well, it’s human nature for us to be weak. But for those who want to break free from the norm, all you gotta do… is… DO. simple enough? Thank you all for sticking with me for this mini-series. To the hungry 1% of you out there, spin it back to Part 1 and start the execution.

150: The Cost of being mentally weak (Mental Conditioning Series, Part 4)

Episode 150 Time Stamps:

(1:21) I’m just like y’all man…

(3:17) PSA for all passive listeners

(4:13) In review: The definition of Mental Conditioning

(4:40) In review: Mental- “stamina”, “strength”, and “agility”

(6:04) In review: The different types of Mental Conditioning

(9:50) In review: Incorporating this into our lives

(12:51) Will you really follow through??

(13:10) Identifying the PAIN and PLEASURE

(14:36) This generation is soft!

(15:00) Your path MUST be different

(16:50) This is what will set you apart from the others…

(17:50) As a new Sobo is born, my brother experiences a certain mindset shift.

(18:08) Make your goals your children (DON’T WAIT!)


(20:37) DO IT!


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