“I’m Not You.”  For the hard, aggressive athlete….Willing to do most are scared to do, to get the results everyone dreams about.

As a former professional athlete, having played at the highest levels in college and then on to the NFL, I KNOW what it takes to make it to the next level and create and achieve real success, momentum and execution.

“I’m not you” was the mindset I had that gave me the edge to take the action to break through the noise and reach my goals.

When everyone else was making excuses and giving up, I thought of myself as the outlier. The chosen one.

Meeting my goals gave me an unspoken confidence and unwavering pride

and I want to show you how to develop the same mindset, execute your plan and achieve the same type of success I did and beyond.

Running out of the tunnel in the Superdome as a starter for the New Orleans Saints, catching my first pass from Drew Brees … these were some of the highlights of my career, the caliber of dreams and accomplishments that I am now dedicated to helping you achieve as young competitive athletes.

Now imagine yourself playing at the highest level, and reaching all of the goals you have set for yourself.

Imagine feeling confident and unstoppable on the way to your goals, making constant improvement at every step.

This is what is possible. It is not easy, but it can be done, with the right ingredients.

2 of the key elements that gave me an edge, that will surely take your motivated athlete to the next step are….

A Coach … and a Plan.

There is only so far you can go on your own. Athletes today are more bigger, stronger and faster than ever. The competition is getting better and better.

If you are going to stand out, it has to be with your overall strategy, your mindset, your habits and your systems.

It’s not enough to just workout hard, and hope for the best. You must be prepared for the inevitable setbacks, challenges and obstacles. you have to have a plan.

Most of the athletes I meet all deal with similar problems. Maybe you can relate. Are you…

  • Unsure of how you will reach your sports goals
  • Tired of people telling you what you can and can’t do
  • Frustrated with your lack of progress, and are starting to doubt whether or not it’s worth it
  • Losing confidence and trust in yourself and your abilities
  • Not really sure of the plan you should use to get to your destination
  • Sure that there is more to do, but don’t know what
  • Aware of what you have to do but you still don’t do it…and you want to know why, and how!

There is nothing worse than wishing you would have done more on the way to reaching your ultimate goals.

As an athlete, I have tried, failed, achieved, and tried again and achieved some more. I know what works, and what doesn’t.

I have put together a tested and proven strategic sports results coaching program that will cut your learning curve, and speed up your results.

I have over 17 years of sports experience, 7 of those at the highest levels.

I have personally invested over $100,000 in my own personal and physical development, and all of my experience will be available to you.

When you work with me as your coach and strategist here is what you can expect:

  • Faster results
  • Clear actionable steps to reach goals
  • Know exactly what to do in order to make dramatic progress
  • Understand the things that are holding you back
  • Have the exact systems you need to improve on weaknesses and reach goals
  • confidence and certainty from Always get your questions answered
  • Get the motivation and inspiration you need to get you to TAKE ACTION
  • Have a clear plan and strategy for achieving your biggest and most ambitious goals
  • Have more confidence knowing that you’re on the right track
  • Be poised and in control in any games or competitions
  • Know how and what to be spending your time on to get results faster and with less effort


You can continue to try the same tired tactics and methods you learn from strength coaches and motivational speakers.

Most don’t know what they are talking about, and 98% of them have never even played or performed at the highest levels.

You need an actual plan. A strategy. Someone to help you actual gain some real momentum by showing you the actual steps you need to take, and HOW to do it.

Generals don’t go to war without a plan of attack. Coaches don’t expect to win without a solid game plan. Hell, most moms don’t go to the grocery store without a gameplay of what’s for dinner.

How do you think you are going to reach your big time goals without a plan of action and the skills and tools necessary to overcome the inevitable challenges?

I’ll show you the habits, the mindset, the system and the strategies you’ll need to do it.

If this excites you as an athlete, then this program was designed for you. I want to work with athletes who are committed to taking their goals to the next level.

Here are some goals past #ImNotYou athletes have had:

  • Making the USA olympic team
  • Earning scholarships to D-1 schol
  • Increasing bench press, squat and 40 yard dash times
  • Making the varsity team
  • Making all-state in football or soccer
  • Increasing endurance, strength and flexibility
  • Becoming leaders on their teams
  • Gain confidence on the field and overcome anxiety
  • Walk on to their college football teams
  • Score more touchdowns or goals

Here are some of the RESULTS that my athletes have gotten by working with me in the past:

  • Walked on to Pac 12 and Big Sky football programs
  • Shaved milliseconds off their 40 yard dash times
  • Added up to 40 lbs to their squat and bench maxes
  • Added significant MPH’s to their pitches
  • Created bulletproof habits that seemed impossible before (waking up early, push ups, stretching, visualizing, meditating, etc)
  • Turned anxiety into on-field confidence and fearlessness
  • Added incredible amounts of flexibility and strength

I work with a small percentage of athletes, and the athletes I work with are:

  • Aggressive in their desire to be great
  • Highly committed to their sport
  • Willing to take on high levels of responsibility and effort
  • Understand that it takes more than just hard work and grit to reach your goals
  • Want to find the missing pieces to make their game complete


At this point you understand that you have exhausted your own personal resources, and do not have the expertise, time, energy and maybe even patience to make your kids dreams a reality.

You want you child to play the way you know they can, with confidence, assertiveness and decisiveness.

You also..

  • Want your son or daughter to be confident, and play with aggression and attitude
  • Don’t know why they practice so well, but in games it’s a different story
  • Want your kids to be happy, and you know success in their sport can help with that
  • Want your kids to develop LONG TERM, and develop a real love for their sport
  • Would love your kid to have a mentor, someone who has “been there and done that”, and can show them how to succeed in sports and in life

You need help!

Your kid will only listen to you for so long, until an external influence is necessary, and now is that time.

I have the experience, know-how, patience and vision that will allow your kid to flourish not just on the field, but at home and in school.

This would reduce anxiety and stress for you, and give you peace of mind knowing that your child is being prepared for life outside of sports.

You don’t want your child to “wish” they would have done more!

And what’s more, you don’t want to wish you would have done more to help prepare your child to be the best they can be.

You want your child to have the tools to be great at their sport, but you want them to learn how to apply the principles of hard work, determination and focus to their life.

They will be learning the skills and tools necessary to be successful in their sport, and carry those over to lead a happy and enjoyable life.

The skills your child will be learning will prepare them to apply to colleges and scholarships, manage their time more effectively and have a proactive “action” driven mentality.

You don’t want a “band-aid” solution, you want you child to be immersed in a process that will improve the quality of their life, not just as an athlete.

And that is what #ImNotYou Sports Results Coaching is committed to doing.

Here is what I will teach your child to do:

  • Create bulletproof success habits
  • Uncover hidden reserves of confidence & energy
  • Turn into a leader on the field
  • Turn anxiety and fear into anticipation, grit and certainty
  • Expect breakthrough performances in their sport
  • Learn to channel their hard work towards a master plan that will accelerate their growth, on and off the field
  • Cultivate humility and discipline to achieving their goals

I take on a very small number of personal clients, and the ones I do work with I make sure it’s a great fit.

If you are interested in working with me, fill out the form below, and I’ll review it and hit you back within 24 hours to schedule your free strategy session.

In this session I will answer your questions, show you some very actionable steps to take your game to the next level, and give you the details about how you can work with me.

What Athletes & Parents Are Saying About Niyi Sobo

"Niyi is the real thing, and kids know it....Your kid will work hard for Niyi, and you'll see results."
Phillip Kenney, father of Joey Kenney (Soccer, University Of Redlands)

Sports Results Coaching is not for any and all athletes. It is a very intense, in depth coaching program designed for athletes who are very serious about their sport and taking their game to the next levels. It is a significant investment of both time and money, and includes very high levels of accountability and work.

If you are interested in seeing if it is a good fit, please fill out the form below. There are very few spots available, and you can expect to hear from us in 24 hrs or less to set up a time for a short phone interview.