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MAY 2017

Episode #159: Tips on time management

Episode #158: How to develop a “Don’t give a F@!# mentality”

Episode #157: Reasons why you haven’t reached your goals

Episode #156: How to have more trust in yourself

Episode #155: Nell Daly: Psychotherapist, Writer, and Keynote Speaker

Episode #154: How to handle the doubters, haters and naysayers

Episode #153: Why your coach doesn’t trust you (or like you)

Episode #152: Crucial advice on setting your goals

APRIL 2017

Episode #151: How to get over past failures

Episode #150: The Cost of bring mentally weak (Mental Conditioning Series, Part 4)

Episode #149: Pre-Game Visualization Track (Mental Conditioning Series, Part 3)

Episode #148: Mental Conditioning Series, Part 2: The I’m Not You mental conditioning program

Episode #147: Mental Conditioning Series, Part 1: The fundamentals of mental conditioning

Episode #146: Thomas Williams: Former USC Linebacker, NFL Athlete, Motivational Speaker, Author

Episode #145: Peter Awad: Founder of Slow Hustle Podcast, Co-Founder of Mission Meats, Founder of Import Auto Performance

Episode #144: 10 habits that will destroy your progress

MARCH 2017

Episode #143: Tony Horton: Founder of P90X

Episode #142: 10 things I learned from Tony Robbins

Episode #141: Shay Murphy: WNBA Shooting Guard for the Phoenix Mercury, and Euroleague

Episode #140: How to stay calm in high-pressure situations

Episode #139: How to change your beliefs, Part 3

Episode #138: What to do with your friends once you decide to be great

Episode #137: Brice Butler: Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver, Former USC Player, aka “DJ DuffleBag”

Episode #136: How to inspire others to work hard

Episode #135: 10 books to develop a dominant mindset


Episode #134: The difference between superstars and everyone else

Episode #133: Chris Dickerson: Professional Baseball Athlete, Founder of “Players for the Planet” organization

Episode #132: Mustafa Abdul-Hamid: Former UCLA and Professional Overseas Hooper, Founder of Boost

Episode #131: How to create your ultimate vision

Episode #130: How to use the law of attraction to reach your goals

Episode #129: How to be HUNGRY

Episode #128: How to find your life’s purpose

Episode #127: How to get in the “zone”


Episode #126: How to read more consistently (My philosophy on reading)

Episode #125: Reality Check: You’re not a real man

Episode #124: The ONE belief that will make you unstoppable

Episode #123: The consequences of setting “reasonable” goals

Episode #122: How to improve and grow at a faster rate

Episode #121: Todd Durkin: Pro Athlete Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Founder of FitnessQuest10

Episode #120: The killer instinct scale (Knowing your intensity level)

Episode #119: How to crush your goals in 2017 (12 step process)

Episode #118: How to be prepared for anything: The power of anticipation


Episode #117: Reality Check: Caring about other peoples’ opinions

Episode #116: How to deal with an obnoxious coach

Episode #115: Reality Check: You will never be good enough

Episode #114: The curse of success (Don’t play yourself)

Episode #113: How to motivate yourself to do ANYTHING, Part 3

Episode #112: How to motivate yourself to do ANYTHING, Part 2

Episode #111: How to motivate yourself to do ANYTHING

Episode #110: How to find a mentor

Episode #109: 3 questions ALL dominant athletes know how to answer


Episode #108: How to change your beliefs, Part 2

Episode #107: Reality Check: Learn to love your negative emotions

Episode #106: How to become unfazed by pressure

Episode #105: The secret to not giving a F!@#

Episode #104: The secret to making your habits stick (Part 2)

Episode #103: How to deal with legitimate competition

Episode #102: Reality Check: No one cares about your goals

Episode #101: How to be “present”

Episode #100: A special episode, to Get Ya Mind Right!


Episode #99: Why you need to delete your social media accounts

Episode #98: How to be a leader, Part 1 (Why your teammates won’t listen to you)

Episode #97: How to feel more confident every day

Episode #96: How to master your self-talk

Episode #95: 7 reasons why you lack motivation

Episode #94: How to control your emotions, Part 2

Episode #93: How to get rid of doubt

Episode #92: Ryan Michler: Iraqi Combat Veteran, Founder of Order of Man


Episode #91: 7 routines every athlete MUST have

Episode #90: The dangers of setting “realistic” and “reasonable” goals

Episode #89: 3 books every athlete must read, Part 4

Episode #88: 7 most common challenges when pursuing your goals (and how to overcome them)

Episode #87: How to deal with negative friends

Episode #86: Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman: Pro MMA Fighter, “A Fighter’s Mindset” Podcast

Episode #85: How to change your beliefs, Part 1

Episode #84: Jaret Grossman: Life and Business Coach, Founder of Muscle Prodigy

Episode #83: How to make affirmations that really work


Episode #82: How to deal with failure

Episode #81: How to handle stress

Episode #80: Larry Hagner: Founder of the “Good Dad Project”

Episode #79: Aaron Walker: Founder of “View From The Top

Episode #78: Jim Harshaw Jr: “Wrestling With Success”

Episode #77: How to overcome being a perfectionist

Episode #76: Abel James: Founder of “Fat-Burning Man”

Episode #75: 3 books every athlete must read (Part 3)

Episode #74: Mark Divine: Founder and CEO of SEALFIT, NY Times Best Selling Author

JULY 2016

Episode #73: How to be a champion in times of crisis

Episode #72: 3 books every athlete must read (Part 2)

Episode #71: Adam Bradley: Founder of “Lead ‘Em Up” Coaching Program & Hardwood Hustle Podcast

Episode #70: 5 rules you must follow for a DOMINANT mindset

Episode #69: How to give yourself a reality check

Episode #68: The secret to making your habits stick

Episode #67: Denny “Diz” Krahe: Long distance running expert, “Diz Runs”

Episode #66: The deadliest temptation of the “successful” athlete

Episode #65: Morning Mastery Part 3: The Philosophy behind the mastering / the G-Code

JUNE 2016

Episode #64: 10 ways to know if you’re “mentally tough”

Episode #63: 3 things athletes say but don’t really mean

Episode #62: How to keep your wife happy while reaching your goals

Episode #61: How to reach your goals faster with less effort

Episode #60: Devin Williams: 10,000 Hours to Greatness

Episode #59: The most important decision you’ll ever make

Episode #58: Daniel Hayes: Middleweight Champion, Trinidad & Tobago Boxing Ambassador

Episode #57: How to get that killer instinct

MAY 2016

Episode #56: Anthony Trucks: Entrepreneur, Creator of Renew U

Episode #55: Jace Siderius: Football athlete turned entrepreneur

Episode #54: How to create breakthroughs in every category of your life

Episode #53: How to overcome fear

Episode #52: Deshawn Fontleroy: Founder of ProForce Athletics

Episode #51: How to stop procrastinating and get things done

Episode #50: How to believe in a goal that seems out of reach

Episode #49: How to create your own visualization track

Episode #48: Thomas Tadlock: Vegan muscle-building expert

APRIL 2016

Episode #47: How to stay motivated over the long term

Episode #46: How to turn negative situations into positive ones

Episode #45: How to overcome the fear of other people’s opinions

Episode #44: Chris Norton: Turning tragedy to triumph

Episode #43: How to control your environment (Habits of the dominant athlete)

Episode #42: Michelle Betos: Professional goalkeeper

Episode #41: Morning Mastery Pt. 2: How to set your day up to DOMINATE

Episode #40: Joe De Sena: How to live like a Spartan

MARCH 2016

Episode #39: Nic Dinardo: How to create a GROWTH mindset

Episode #38: How to increase your FOCUS to dominate under pressure

Episode #37: Trevor Moawad: The fundamentals of mental conditioning

Episode #36: 5 things to never do when you get an injury

Episode #35: Caleb Maddix: The Philosophy of a teen entrepreneur and best selling author

Episode #34:The technique that will double your confidence

Episode #33: The “I’m Not You” Mentality: How to think like a superstar athlete

Episode #32: This breathing technique reduces stress, builds confidence, and motivates you

Episode #31: Three books every athlete must read

Episode #30: How to completely DOMINATE in a tryout


Episode #29: 11 Questions every athlete must ask themselves each night

Episode #28: 13 questions every athlete must ask themselves each morning

Episode #27: How to change how you feel in 60 seconds or less

Episode #26: The worst and most regrettable mistake an athlete can make

Episode #25: How to turn frustration into fast RESULTS


Episode #24: (Interview) How to dream BIG

Episode #23: (Interview) How to overcome adveristy

Episode #22: The biggest enemy to your success (and how to beat it)

Episode #21: How to push through that wall when training

Episode #20: How to use HATE to get success

Episode #19: (Interview) The mindset of a TRUE pro

Episode #18: How to handle criticism

Episode #17: How to control your emotions


Episode #16: (Interview) What success REALLY looks like

Episode #15: Athlete Time Management: How to DOMINATE time

Episode #14: How to get results 200% faster than everyone else

Episode #13: How to visualize like an OLYMPIAN

Episode #12: How to have a pre game routine like MICHAEL JORDAN

Episode #11: How to deal with UNMOTIVATED teammates

Episode #10: How to stope getting NERVOUS before games


Episode #9: How to master every morning like a CHAMPION: Morning Mastery

Episode #8: The attitude that KILLS more careers than injury

Episode #7: The ‘And 1’ Mentality: How to DOUBLE your results while everyone settles

Episode #6: How to set and CRUSH any goal

Episode #5: The 10 most DEADLY habits an athlete can have

Episode #4: The 3 critical ingredients to CRUSHING your goals

Episode #3: How to develop a DOMINANT mindset

Episode #2: Why your MINDSET is more important than anything else

Episode #1: How to bounce back STRONGER after a bad game