159: Tips on time management

Do you procrastinate? Do distractions disrupt your focus easily? Tune in for tips of ways of approaching things, with powerful habits on how to get the most out of your day. Time is limited… use it wisely. Episode 159 Time … Read More

158: How to develop a “Don’t give a F@!# mentality”

Before you press play, be advised that today’s episode is marked explicit for a reason. Some lessons are too important to not be delivered properly… and in moments like these, I stand strongly behind my language. Introducing, the “Don’t give … Read More

157: Reasons why you haven’t reached your goals

Are your goals exciting? Do you have a plan set-up? Are your emotions aligned with your desires? There’s plenty involved in crushing your goals. Allow today’s episode to be your wake up call, only to spur you into immediate action. … Read More

156: How to have more trust in yourself

Today’s episode focuses on the TRUST from within YOURSELF. There’s too much noise in our environments that allow us to become easily influenced by the opinions and advice of others. Take notes as we go through these eight steps, and … Read More

155: Nell Daly: Psychotherapist, Writer, and Keynote Speaker

Today, we welcome Nell Gibbon Daly to the Sports Motivation Podcast! A licensed psychotherapist, writer, and keynote speaker (among many other talents), Nell brings us welcoming advice that athletes may initially oversee. Tune in as we discuss male and female … Read More

154: How to handle the doubters, haters and naysayers

Sometimes people can’t handle seeing you succeed. They may try to dull your shine with negative remarks that can potentially throw you off your game. The question is… how do you handle these doubters, haters, and naysayers? Today’s episode is … Read More

153: Why your coach doesn’t trust you (or like you)

It’s the fourth quarter, and your team is down by a single play. You’re sitting on the bench thinking, “Why won’t coach put me in?!” Today’s episode is a breakdown of seven reasons why your coach is the way he/she … Read More

152: Crucial advice on setting your goals

This is NOT your general advice on goal-setting… In today’s episode, expect to learn from my own personal goals, to get YOUR results. How much longer do you want to carry the feeling of postponing your biggest desires? My goal … Read More

151: How to get over past failures

“Pain that comes from failure is beautiful.” Let’s be clear; nobody’s perfect… Failures are GUARANTEED in life. What’s most important, is your attitude towards it. You must DECIDE on the emotions you choose to experience, in the midst of defeat. … Read More

150: The Cost of bring mentally weak (Mental Conditioning Series, Part 4)

As we conclude our Mental Conditioning Series, let’s talk about the cost of being mentally weak. The truth is, most of y’all will not follow through… Why? Well, it’s human nature for us to be weak. But for those who … Read More