Hello I’m Niyi Sobo,
peak mindset consultant and the founder and ceo of I’m Not You. I fell in love with football when I was in 7th grade, and quickly noticed that not everyone shard my passion, my obsession and my drive for being the best and always reaching to the next level.

I walked on to Oregon State, transferred to Portland state where I was an all american, and made it to the NFL for the New Orleans Saints. I started my rookie year, and found out that it wasn’t always the most talented, the most skilled or the high recruited athletes that made it to the top. It was those that had a certain mindset.

Since then, I have dedicated my life to showing and teaching athletes how to take their mindset and habits to the next level, and develop a plan around dominating their sport and getting the absolute most out of their God given potential. If you are that athlete, you’re in the right place. If you are the type of athlete that loves to improve, that loves to grow, and want to understand how the pros think, the best in the world, then sign up below for your free training.

These are the questions that the “I’m Not You” athlete obsesses over. You want to not just succeed, or “get better”, you want to dominate. You are a leader, a fanatic about your sport, and you want to know how you can become the best.

Why do I practice so hard, but still don’t see the results on the field?

How can I separate myself from the competition?

What do I gotta do to get to the next level in my sport?

How can I gain more confidence, and play my best when it matters the most?

How can I gain the mindset, the habits and the systems necessary to dominate my competition. Consistently?

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