The other day, I imagined knowing what I know now; as a young Freshmen in college. Today, I bring you 17 questions that you MUST know how to answer. My vision inspires me to pass down game that I’ve learned over the years, along to YOU; so you can become well-equipped and prepared for the big-leagues. It’s more than just consistent practice and improvements in the gym. Mapping out your future is a no-brainer. P.S… You might want to play this episode a few times until you’re set with your 17 answers.

Episode 191 Time Stamps:
(1:21) I’m giving ya’ll the game that I wish I knew when I was younger…
(3:05) Warren Buffet—“[It’s okay to learn from your mistakes; but better to learn from the mistakes of others.]”
(3:33) Consider this a 17-question audit…
(5:20) Question #1: Do you KNOW YOURSELF?
(5:55) Question #2: Do you know exactly what you need to BE, and DO, in order to produce your desired results?
(7:03) Question #3: (If you said “Yes” to #2) Have you created a PLAN for it?
(7:58) Question #4: Are you aware of your WEAKNESSES?
(8:42) Question #5: Do you know your VISION?
(9:05) Question #6: Do you have clear ONE-YEAR goals?
(9:20) Question #7: Have you created QUARTERLY goals?
(9:40) Question #8: From these goals, do you have DAILY actions laid out?
(10:06) Question #9: Are you able to articulate your GENERAL STRATEGY?
(10:50) Question #10: Do you have a MORNING ROUTINE? (and is it tailored to YOU?)
(11:12) Question #11: Do you know what your biggest chokeholds are?
(11:31) Question #12: (If you do know), Do you have a plan to attack and relieve your chokeholds?
(11:49) Question #13: Do you know the necessary EMOTIONAL STATE for high-performance?
(12:04) Question #14: Do you know how to get in the right state of mind?
(12:33) Question #15: Do you know all of the categories of life that must be managed?
(12:40) Question #16: Do you have a game-plan for your life categories?
(13:02) Question #17: Do you have the ability to influence others?
(13:33) Did you answer today’s 17-question reality check with 100% pure honesty?
(14:08) If you need help answering these questions, email me at If you want me to hold you accountable, join my coaching program. Follow through with my Killer Instinct training, and you WILL succeed.

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