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I’ll send you the same system that I use (and my PRO athletes) to get BULLETPROOF confidence, SUPERSTAR skills, and take our game to the NEXT LEVEL.

As Seen & Heard On

"I don’t think any of the success I had would have been possible without the mental & physical conditioning I had when training with Niyi. He embodies work ethic, passion, toughness, commitment and focus, and any young athlete has a lot to learn from a coach like Niyi."
Alex Green NFL Running Back & Former University Of Hawaii Standout
"I’ve always had high goals and aspirations, but Coach Niyi gave me the tools to create a specific system to achieve them. Each session I walked away confident, inspired, and motivated to achieve my goals."
Kendall Johnson Midfielder, Portland Thorns
"Coach Niyi has the unique ability to motivate athletes to push a bit harder, work a bit longer, stay positive throughout the process and stay dedicated to not lose sight of their ultimate goals. Many coaches are great at certain aspects of training. Niyi is great at all of them."
David McHenry Lead Therapist and Strength Coach for Nike Oregon Project

For the aggressive athlete....Willing to do what others are scared to do, to get the results everyone dreams about.

IMNOTYOU.COM is a brand reserved for highly competitive athletes, who desire to take their game to new and dominant levels, and refuse to “fit in” and settle for average. To believe “I’m Not You” in the face of overwhelming odds and circumstances means that you believe you are the EXCEPTION. The OUTLIER. You bet on yourself, when others retreat. It’s the mindset you MUST have if you want to dominate your sport and reach your goals.
As an athlete, there are 3 areas that you have got to master if you want to succeed and break through:


You must have unshakeable believe in yourself and your abilities. Your beliefs, your visions, and your language and attitude have got to reflect the goals you have.


You MUST make sure you are doing all the things necessary, every day, to develop the consistency and skill. If you don’t, you can never expect to dominate, or even play well, on a consistent basis.

Systems & Strategies

You can’t afford to be “random”. If you take random actions, expect random results. All of your moves must be calculated, and part of a bigger picture.

Niyi Sobomehin