“Niyi is genuine, real, and has proven successful. He doesn’t just preach the things he teaches; he lives them. All driven, high-level athletes want to find ways to reach their goals but often don’t know where to look. Niyi has systems and helps you map out a concrete, tangible process to attaining the success you want.” 

Michele Betos

NWSL Goal Keeper of the year 2016

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“I don’t think any of the success I had would have been possible without the mental conditioning I had when training with Niyi. He embodies work ethic, passion, toughness, commitment and focus, and any athlete has a lot to learn from a coach like Niyi.”

Alex Green

Former NFL Running Back & Former University Of Hawaii Standout

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“Niyi’s philosophies and training systems are a powerful momentum builder for athletes serious about optimizing their performance. His intense passion for growth, and deep expertise, allow him to deliver demonstrable results.”

Mark Divine

Founder of SEALFIT and NYT best selling author of Way of the SEAL and Unbeatable Mind.

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